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The voice of PAF

Everyone has the right to a good day in school
(Both employees and students)

It’s time to make a change in the school system
It’s time to take a new approach in schools
It’s time to teach our children about their own
in themselves and towards others

PAF is a non-verbal language.
It exists before we learn to speak, even before speaking our native language.
PAF is a love language from our own source.
If we don’t learn the language of LOVE from our original family
– we should at least learn it in school.

PAF is the language that connects us
helps us to prevent bullying, figths, and conflicts.

If we, as the present generation, start to love ourselves
– the next generation will start too.

Look at our next generation from a gentle place
and tell them they are beautiful.
Look them in the eyes from a place of grattitude and respect
– and they will copy you.

 Let’s go PAF!

A Danish student presents
PAF at the international training in 2019

4 exercises which help create a positive environment in the classroom

The exercises make the necessary difference which is required in the school system

The concept PAF IN SCHOOL will benefit the future generations.
PAF has shown that it only takes a little effort in the classrooms to make a change.
It’s a practical, simple, and very effective language that is easy to teach.
The students and employees are trained towards awareness and understanding of themselves and others.
Everyone belongs and when each person listens to their inner voice 
and share their story, we are able to connect on a deeper level.

Benefits of PAF:

Main focus:

What is the outcome?

The PAF culture has a huge success in Denmark and the students love the “language”.
The parents are replying that they experience a positive change in the behavior of their child.

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