Become a PAF counselor

Because schools need a new culture

Become a PAF counselor

Because schools need a new culture

What is the PAF Counselor Education

What is a PAF exercise?

The PAF exercises are based on the systemic constellation method. With this method, the underlying dynamics are made visible via physical images which creates an understanding and a common starting point that everyone can relate to. 

The systemic constellation method provides an understanding on the unconscious level and an insight into the behavioural patterns we have formed through our upbringing.

The PAF exercises are easy to implement and some of the exercises can be used as “icebreakers” in the teaching. The exercises are used in many contexts and are can be implemented in a simple way with known tools and methods. 

All the exercises focus on creating a community and a space where emotions can be put into words.

The method focuses on the positive and what works. When the positive is continually articulated, the children will relate to each other with understanding, acceptance, and care for each other.

The goal of PAF

The goal of the PAF culture is that all students feel part of the community and that everyone is aware of their own personality, respects and understands each other. 

PAF can be considered a “language” where we express what we feel and notice around us. A language that comes before other learning. 

As part of the PAF counselor education, you will learn simple and straightforward exercises that help students develop inner peace, presence, and awareness of their own strengths and potentials. The children will also learn to express emotions as well as understand their own body language. 

You will also learn which underlying dynamics are important to highlight in order to strengthen the community feeling and the individual student.

When students feel confident and feel that they belong, and when adults/teachers have a common starting point with an understanding of the individual students, learning will take place in a much easier way.

As child and family researcher Per Schultz Joergensen says: “There is a need to strengthen the children’s characters.” 

Experiences from the international PAF training

Angelique van Hammersveld and Bibi Schreuder from the Netherlands
– participated in the international PAF training in October 2019. 

Get a taste of PAF

Not even leaving your city, we bring the founder of PAF, Mette Nordahl, to you

Mette will train and educate you in an advanced week-long workshop about PAF and the Systemic Constellation method.

The training can be considered personal development because you will get to know yourself on a deeper level. This is fundamental in order for you to use the exercises with children.

If you are not balanced and have healed your own issues, how can you teach children to be balanced?

Besides a week-long workshop and the online lessons, Mette Nordahl will help you once a month with any questions you may have through a webinar.

And if you can’t wait for your question to be answered, there is a PAF Counselor Facebook page where other PAF Counselors are ready to help you.

Where is the next workshop?

The next workshop will take place in San Jose, Costa Rica

February 2021

PAF Counselor Education

Educate your teachers and do what's best for your students

To be able to form the future generations to become aware of their strengths, you first need to know how to teach them. And in order to do that, you need to become aware of your own strengths and find the version of you that shines brighter than ever before. 

I promise you, if you do the work and continue to do it, PAF will help you find that version of yourself. 

You will get:

You will:

Do you want to be a part of the change that´s needed
for our children and students?

Contact us if you want to hear more about the PAF concept and what it can do for you.

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